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With Graceful Life Coaching in Amsterdam you seize the opportunity to change your life. Do you want something else in your life? For example a new career path? But do you think you can’t actually make the move? Graceful Life Coaching helps you seize the opportunities! “I can’t do it,” we change to “I can do it.” By deploying a wide range of coaching techniques, Grace Liping Guo inspires you to embrace the unknown, and gives you the confidence to take a new path. So you can find new happiness thanks to Graceful Life Coaching in Amsterdam.

Kundalini Yoga at Graceful Life Coaching Amsterdam

In addition to life coaching, meditation and healing, Graceful Life Coaching also offers private lessons in Kundalini Yoga. This powerful form of yoga quickly changes your life. This is because, among other things, we work with breathing and chakras. Thanks to the private lessons, it is possible to fully adapt the yoga session to you. Kundalini Yoga is an effective way to achieve results; you develop a greater self-awareness of it. The yoga classes are given in English at Graceful Life Coaching in Amsterdam.

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