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About Grace

Grace Liping Guo, spiritual name - Amarnam Kaur, lives in Amsterdam. She has practised yoga for over 20 years on her spiritual path. She studied Oneness Trainer course and went through deepening processes including all kinds of yoga and meditation in Oneness University (now O&O Academy) in 2010. From there she embarks on her oneness journey. The interesting thing is, visiting Oneness University is also a turning point of Grace’s life in China and in Netherlands.

As a original Chinese yogi master, Grace already achieved a master degree of computer science and technology in China and worked on IT projects over a decade... She Lives Her Dreams.

In December 2011, Grace completed her international MBA study in Utrecht then graduated from TIAS business school. In 2012, she joined Kundalini Yoga Teacher training then was internationally certified as a Level One Kundalini Yoga Instructor through the International Kundalini Research Institute (KRI). She is also a Level II certified Sat Nam Rasayan Healer since 2015.

With passion to share her knowledge and experience, Grace decided to set up Graceful Life Coaching offering:

- Yoga & Meditation Lessons,

- Healing Sessions(Sat Nam Rasayan - The Art of Healing),

- Next-Level Life Coaching,

- Chinese☯Accelerator,

- Business Coaching & Consulting,

to help people from different cultural backgrounds who are facing all sorts of life challenges.

Furthermore, she provides valuable business insights towards Chinese business mindset and culture,combined her coaching and consulting skills, to western business owners or companies to grow their businesses smoothly and profitably.

Grace’s inspiring mission is to guide her students,customers or clients to a feeling of well being and encourage them to recognize that

Each moment of their lives is an opportunity for transformation and growth.

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